Envaya Mini DSB-150BT

Mid-sized Denon Envaya Mini - Water and dust proof Bluetooth speaker

- Envaya Mini DSB-150BT

Premium Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Built with smaller rooms in mind, the Envaya Mini will fill your bathroom or home office with sound, while remaining small enough to easily carry to the garden, park or anywhere else you desire. Envaya Mini is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, which means its hardy enough to survive an accidental dunk in the pool or bath, without missing a beat. Tuned by Denon’s class leading audio engineers, each speaker has been painstakingly crafted to achieve an unmatched musical performance. Equipped with the latest aptXtm Bluetooth, allowing you to stream all your favourite tunes at CD-like sound quality. Even better, to bolster the already impressive soundstage of the speakers, you can easily connect any two envaya products and stereo pair them allowing you to play music simultaneously to fill larger spaces. Simple connectivity and Siri activation allows you completely hassle free control from your smartphone.


Superior Sound

Extraordinary sound quality is further improved due to the inclusion of advance audio processing technology, bigger size drivers and more powerful amplifier modules. The sound produced is above and beyond anything that conventional compact speaker systems deliver thanks to ‘oversized’ proprietary drivers paired with a large passive bass radiator that fit neatly into this speaker’s compact design. Performance is finely tuned with a range of advanced, onboard, patented signal-processing technologies that ‘intelligently’ provide the best possible sound performance from any connected source. The audio tuning is done by our audio experts taking care of the Denon sound philosophy.


Waterproof and durable

Denon Envaya Mini is Water and Dust Proof. The official rating is called IP67, which means that the Envaya Pocket can stand in 1m of water for 30 minutes without damage. To achieve this all connectors are covered by a cap, gaps are closed by gaskets and chassis are water resistant which means altogether no water can enter the unit for a certain period.

Bluetooth AptX

The Envaya features the high quality Bluetooth® aptX® Low Latency standard offering CD-like audio streaming over Bluetooth, minimizing latency and ‘lipsync’ issues when supported by the streaming device.

Bluetooth Pairing

Out of the box and powered on for the first time, the unit will directly enter the pairing mode. Simply open the Bluetooth setup on your smart device and confirm the Envaya pairing. If at a later stage, you want to pair another unit just press the Bluetooth button on the unit for a second and you are ready to play. Pressing and holding the button for 5 seconds will enable the stereo pairing mode.

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Looking for more power or just want to have a real stereo setup? No problem. Just pair two of the Envaya’s to play together as a stereo set. One speaker will take over the left channel, the other the right.


Making Phone Calls and talking to 'Siri'

The built-in microphone makes hand free calls an easy task. Once connected by Bluetooth to your smartphone you are ready for that. In addition, you can also talk to your personal assistant “Siri” on an iPhone. Just press and hold the phone button on the Envaya and Siri will activate.

Specs - Envaya Mini DSB-150BT


Drivers 2x 40mm Full Range Driver
1x 40x83mm Passive Radiator

Amplifier High efficiency digital amplifier (2x 8.5W)


Compatible Bluetooth profiles A2DP/AVRCP/HFP/HSP

Supported codecs aptX low latency / AAC / SBC

Operation distance up to 30m

NFC bluetooth pairing -

Multi-pairing 8

Simultaneous Playback (number of units) 2


Available colours: Black / Grey o / o

Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 187 x 63 x 65

Weight in kg 0.541

Available accessories USB cable for charging

Downloads - Envaya Mini DSB-150BT

pdf file
DSB150BT - Product Information Sheet

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pdf file
DSB50BT - DSB150BT - DSB250BT - Owners Manual

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pdf file
DSB50BT - DSB150BT - DSB250BT - Quick Start Guide

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