CEOL Carino (PMA-N2 / SC-N2)


- CEOL Carino (PMA-N2 / SC-N2)


CEOL Carino is a specially designed and coolly styled Denon computer audio system, which dramatically improves audio quality for enjoying music, movies, video and gaming on computer. Easy to set up and use, just plug or stream; no drivers to install on the computer. Bluetooth® aptX® CD quality wireless streaming and NFC pairing, and USB-B DAC for PC-Direct connectivity, supports use with computers, laptops and mobile devices. A headphone output and analogue mini-jack input are also included. The ultra-compact control unit can be positioned horizontally or vertically and features a Full Digital Processing Amplifi er delivering 25 watts a channel, and switchable advanced DSP equalizer and processing technologies for enhanced sound performance. The powerful compact SC-N2 speaker system features full range drivers and passive bass radiator, and come with dedicated stands with dual angle positioning and cable management. A sub-bass pre-output allows for connection of a sub for additional bass extension. A miniature remote control is included.

USB-B DAC for PC-Direct connectivity

USB-B input enables computer stored music files or streaming audio from internet music, video and film services to be played via the CEOL Carino for the highest possible sound quality. The computer recognises CEOL Carino as an external soundcard, with transmission of the digital audio stream from the computer to CEOL Carino.

Bluetooth® with NFC pairing

Bluetooth® with NFC pairing enables audio to be streamed to CEOL Carino from Bluetooth enables device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. NFC pairing allows the user to tap NFC enabled Bluetooth audio device for automatic pairing with no button pressing. AptX® is a higher quality Bluetooth streaming format, providing CD quality streaming – as if you were connected to the Ceol Carino with an audio cable.

Denon SC-N2 speaker

These speakers in a very compact cabinet have been designed with Denon Hi-Fi craftsmanship. The powerful compact SC-N2 speaker system features full range drivers and passive bass radiator, and come with dedicated stands with dual angle positioning and cable management. The speaker has a high gloss finish and comes with a grill as well as a cable management.

Digital audio processing and amplification

Full Digital Processing Amplifier incorporates on-board digital signal processing to enhance sound performance and is specifically tuned to optimize a bigger, clearer sound from the compact speakers. The speaker optimization can be disabled from a rear panel switch if the system is to be used with different speakers. And the Auto Volume Adjust and Wide Sound settings are selectable from the front panel. The processing creates a virtual sub-woofer, reproducing a deep natural sounding low end extension, up to 1.5 octaves below the actual physical capability of the drivers. As well it enhances and extends high-frequency detail and clarity, for crisp breathtaking reproduction of digital music files, video, TV, movie and gaming soundtracks. The Auto Volume Adjust monitors the input level and automatically normalizes differences in volume between different audio sources and program material. No need to reach for the volume control with sudden changes in level with different media streams, or when shuffling songs, etc.. And Wide Sound generates a widened 3D image to produce a spacious soundstage with movie and gaming soundtracks, from a small speaker.


  • High quality sounding, minimally styled, compact computer audio system
  • Bluetooth® aptX® CD quality wireless streaming with NFC pairing
  • USB-B DAC for PC-Direct connectivity, bypasses computer's inferior speakers; USB-A to USB-B cable included
  • Compact powerful speaker system with bass radiators and dual angle positioning stands with cable storage


  • 25 watts per channel Full Digital Processing Amplifier with switchable on-board DSP sound processing
  • Selectable DSP settings for Auto Volume Adjust and Wide Sound
  • Subwoofer pre-output for system expansion
  • High quality headphone output
  • Professional push speaker terminals, for easy and secure speaker wire connection


  • Plug and play USB connectivity for computer audio or CD quality streaming with Bluetooth enabled device
  • Horizontal or vertical positioning of control / amplifier unit
  • Minimalist front panel with Mute and Volume control with LED level indication, Input, Bluetooth and Sound Mode selector switches
  • Clear view OLED – shows Input source indication – rotates automatically with horizontal or vertical positioning of unit
  • Analogue stereo input (mini-jack) for conventional wired connectivity
  • Interactive CD-ROM manual and printed Getting Started quick set-up guide
  • Card Remote Controller

Specs - CEOL Carino (PMA-N2 / SC-N2)


Rated output power

- 25 W + 25 W (1 kHz, 6 ohms, 0.7% THD)


- Power supply / AC 230 V, 50 Hz
- Power consumption / 15 W (Standby: 0.4 W)
- Colours / high gloss black, high gloss white
- Dimensions (W x H x D) / 175 x 60 x 201 mm
- Weight / 1.5 kg


- Type / Full range speaker + passive radiator for more bass
- Drivers / 6 cm full range, General 7.5 cm passive bass radiator
- Frequency response / 70 Hz - 20 kHz
- Impedance / 6 ohms
- Colours / high gloss black, high gloss white
- Dimensions (W x H x D) / 98 x 105 x 98 mm
- Weight / 0.7 kg



- USB-B x 1
- Bluetooth built in x 1
- AUX in x 1


- Subwoofer pre out x 1
- Speaker output terminals x 2
- Headphones x 1

Downloads - CEOL Carino PMA-N2 SC-N2

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